Mr. Green Lawn Care

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Prices $$$

Prices vary by job size and difficulty, but be assured we will offer the best prices for the highest quality! So give us a call!

Referral Program

We offer a referral program to our customer both commercial and residential. For every new customer you refer us to, we give you a discount. Ask about it today and save some more green!

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Lawn Maintenance
We offer flexible lawn maintenance to suit each individual customer. This inlcludes mowing, trimming, edging, blowing, and debris pick-up (trash, twigs). 


Clean-ups get rid of uneccesary debris that you don't want or obstruct growth of your lawn. We do our best to clear away any area from a flower bed to a backyard. We remove all debris and haul it off. 

Weed Control

Weeds are a pain. They can overtake a lawn within days. That's why we offer weed control. Whether its by spraying, granules, or good old-fashioned hand picking, we will be sure to make your lawn as weed-free as possible. 


Fertilization is essential to keep a healthy lawn, supplying nutrients to keep your grass growing all season long. A variety of fertilizers can be applied to your lawn: start-up, weed prevention, winterizer, green-up, and more. We will work with you to provide the fertilizer that best suits you and your wallet. 

Mulch Laying - Hedge Trimming - Tree Trimming

Mulch adds stlye to your outside, whether on trees or in flowerbeds. We'll save you the back pain of laying it. Well trimmed hedges, shrubs, and trees are also important in a well manicured lawn. 

Aeration - Overseeding - Seeding - Sod Laying 

Aeratiing your lawn keeps it healthy and green, allowing air to circulate. It also allows fertilizer or seeds to fall in for reseeding. We also offer new seed planting to help get your new lawn started or if your prefer a faster method: sod laying. 

Snow Removal

Kansas weather is as unpredictable as life. That's why Mr. Green offers snow removal. Whether its for your business or home, we will make sure the snow is gone.